Garden Grove Smoke

Boo-hiss to Garden Grove's City Council, specifically Mayor W. E. (Walt) Donovan and Councilmen Frank Kessler and Ray Littrell, for once again striking down the possibility of establishing lifesaving no-smoking ordinances in their city's restaurants, businesses and public places.

Deserving applause are Vice Mayor J. Tilman Williams and Councilman Robert F. Dinsen for attempting, although in vain, to persuade the three dissenters.

Granted, governmental intervention is not always a good thing.

But when lives are involved and the Environmental Protection Agency reports that second-hand smoke is responsible for more than 3,000 cases of lung cancer among nonsmokers each year, not to mention approximately 25,000 cases of heart disease annually, wouldn't one conclude that it's time to step in and protect the innocent?

Hats off to over half of the county's cities which have established no-smoking ordinances--poor Garden Grove is still in smoke.


Costa Mesa

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