Bush Abandons Vow, Calls for Tax Increase to Reduce Deficit

I would think more of President Bush if he would just admit he lied to the nation. Instead of saying he plans to raise taxes, he now calls it "deficit reduction." Of course this will not hurt the rich, because even with higher taxes they still can maintain high standards of living. To the poor, higher taxes mean less food, clothing and shelter. Once more the rich get richer, and the poor, poorer.

Now who do we start off taxing? The entitlement programs such as Medicare, Social Security, etc. Let the poor peasants try to survive on less. Then we tax part of Social Security, which people work all their lives to "earn" for their old age. Money which was already taxed, as they earned it.

Again, let us tax all people to make up for the savings and loan frauds. People whose life savings were ripped off by the embezzlers who still maintain big homes, cars and perks. Why are they not in jail? President Bush, please answer this before you ask me to help pay off these robberies. Keep on taxing the middle class out of existence and see what that gets you!

I have voted Republican all my life, but that, too, can change.



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