Aid for Quake Victims in Iran

With reference to the Iranian catastrophe, it is interesting to note that everyone seems to have forgotten the hostages. While it is all very good and well to say that we should put aside all political differences and render assistance to the devastated people of Iran, it is very disturbing to read the comments made by a columnist in Tehran newspaper about U.S. aid efforts (Part A, June 25).

We should say, "Not one dime until the hostages are released." What better time than now to use a little squeeze play. Why should our country send supplies and money when the Iranian government is so callous with regards to taking and keeping hostages.

We sympathize with the victims, but are only too aware that these same people are even now still being exhorted to shout "death to America."

Let us see some compassion from Iranian officials with regards to the hostages before they can expect compassion from us.




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