Grand Jury Investigates Point-Shaving Suspect

A New Jersey grand jury is investigating Robert D. Kramer III of Denville, N.J., who was earlier identified by ABC News as the mastermind of an alleged point-shaving scheme involving Charles Shackleford and three unidentified former North Carolina State basketball players during the 1987-88 season.

Chuck Davis, a spokesman for the New Jersey attorney general's office, in response to a report by the Greensboro News & Record, said, "Point shaving is part of that investigation."

Kramer and Shackleford have denied the charges.

Shackleford, now with the New Jersey Nets, does admit to receiving more than $60,000 from two men while still a student at North Carolina State. Part of that money came from Kramer and has been described by Shackleford as a loan.

Kramer's attorney, Gerard Hanlon, said he was surprised that a grand jury had been convened in New Jersey. The point-shaving allegations are also a part of an ongoing probe in North Carolina.

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