Tourists Can Again Beat Paris Traffic

For the second consecutive year, travelers to Paris can get on the Batobus and commute traffic-free to favorite spots along the Seine. Through Sept. 30, two boats--the Loire and the Rhone--link five stops in major tourist areas, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Starting from the Pont d'Iena near the Eiffel Tower, the boats run every 45 minutes to Solferino (minutes from the Museum d'Orsay); Quai Malaquais, adjacent to the Louvre; Quai de Montebello, near Notre Dame, and Hotel de Ville (city hall), across from the Ile St. Louis. One boarding costs 35 francs, while 1- , 3- and 7-day passes are available for 70, 150 and 220 francs.

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