400 Treated for Heat Illness at New Kids Show

From Associated Press

About 400 children were treated for heat exhaustion and hyperventilation after waiting for hours in the sun to see the group the New Kids on the Block.

About 35,000 youngsters streamed onto Harriet Island for a concert Wednesday. Many waited more than eight hours with little food and drink in hopes of getting a good view of the popular performers.

Police estimate that about 4,000 teen-agers entered the gates at 11 a.m., and about 20,000 had arrived by 3 p.m. Opening groups began playing for the crowd at 7 p.m., and the New Kids took the stage at 9:30 p.m.


Although the temperature was only in the upper 70s, the crowded conditions apparently contributed to the problem.

“It was so hot out there, and the only time you could breathe fresh air was when a breeze blew over. It was so crowded,” said Angela Frank, 15, of Cloquet.

Terri Nelson, who worked as coordinator of the Red Cross tent, said there was a steady flow of visitors. Five people required hospitalization, authorities said.