Galanter Asks to Preserve 200 Acres Near Airport

City Councilwoman Ruth Galanter asked that 200 acres be set aside near Los Angeles International Airport for a wildlife preserve, saying that at least 10 endangered species live only there. "The city of Los Angeles and the Department of Airports share a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to preserve and restore our natural environment even while we create a much-needed recreational facility for our urban residents," Galanter said Friday.

City plans call for a golf course on about two-thirds of the 302-acre coastal dune area, Galanter said. She called for 200 acres to be set aside for a nature preserve to save endangered species that live there.

Among the endangered species are the El Segundo blue butterfly, the El Segundo crab spider, Lange's El Segundo weevil, Bob Ford's dunes pyralid moth, the El Segundo scythrid moth, the El Segundo dunes spineflower, Dorothy's El Segundo weevil and the El Segundo Jerusalem cricket.

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