P.M. BRIEFING : Energy Import Quota Advances

From Times Wire Services

One result of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was the addition to a Senate defense bill today of a requirement that the United States import no more than half its energy supplies.

Sen. Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska) sponsored the amendment, which would require the President to submit an "energy production and security action plan" if imports exceeded 50% of the U.S. oil supply for six months.

It was adopted without opposition on a voice vote, and now must be approved by the House.

Under the proposal, the oil action plan, which would be subject to congressional approval, would detail specific steps to get imports back under the 50% ceiling.

The oil plan would list federal lands--both on and off shore--now off-limits to drillers but that have the potential for oil and gas discoveries. It also would require drawing up a leasing schedule for such tracts. Parklands would be exempted.

In addition, the plan would call for energy conservation measures, such as better auto fuel economy and use of alternative fuels.

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