Priest Linked to Archbishop Case Woman

From Associated Press

The Catholic archdiocese announced Saturday that a priest had offered to resign because of a relationship with the same woman whose “intimate” ties with Archbishop Eugene Marino forced him to step down last month.

The woman, 27-year-old Vicki R. Long, sued the church for paternity payments stemming from her alleged relationship with a third priest. The church is paying child support, but denies that the priest is the father.

Father Michael Woods, pastor at St. Jude’s Catholic Church in Sandy Springs, an Atlanta suburb, offered to resign after confessing to an intimate relationship with Long, a Riverdale lay minister, said Bishop James Lyke, acting administrator of the Atlanta Archdiocese.

It was not known if the church had accepted Wood’s resignation.


The bishop said Woods used an undisclosed amount of parish funds to help Long. In a statement read to his congregation by an archdiocese spokesman, Woods said his relationship with Long has ended.