NAMES IN THE NEWS : Greg LeMond Opens Restaurant


A restaurant owned by champion cyclist Greg LeMond and some relatives opened Tuesday in this Minneapolis suburb.

LeMond, a three-time winner of the Tour de France, is a partner in Scott Kee’s Tour de France restaurant being run by Kee and his wife, Lisa.

LeMond and his wife, Kathy, are partners in the venture along with David and Sacia Morris, the parents of Mrs. LeMond and Mrs. Kee.

“Scott has been a chef for about eight years and his dream has always been to have his own restaurant,” Mrs. Kee said Monday. “Greg has an interest in restaurants. When he and Kathy are in Europe, they go to all the best restaurants.”


LeMond, who lives in nearby Wayzata part of the year, didn’t attend Tuesday’s opening, but flew into town briefly for a test meal prepared Saturday night to fine-tune the staff.

“He was really excited,” Mrs. Kee said. “He sees this as a place where he can come and bring friends, a place you can call your own.”