Rep. Stark's Comments About Louis Sullivan

Your editorial, "Stark's Idea Is Basically a Racist One," was right on the mark.

While at UC Berkeley--one of the most supposed liberal campuses in the nation--I often met with incredulity and cries of betrayal to my sex and race whenever I expounded on my staunchly Republican and conservative political-economic views.

Many of my peers exclaimed that because I was female and of Filipino descent, I should morally and ethically have been a bleeding-heart liberal.

After graduation, I continued living in Berkeley, a town supposedly known for its progressive attitude. Local city, county, and congressional district candidate meetings were often marked by many Berkeley residents loudly heckling Republican candidates.

I particularly remember one incident where a Republican candidate--female and African American--was attacked as "Aunt Jemima." Interestingly enough, this was not reported in any of the local papers.

Now that I reside in Malibu, I don't encounter racist sentiments concerning my political beliefs. Instead, everyone thinks I'm the maid whenever I answer my front door. They repeatedly ask to speak with the lady of the house.

Sign me naturally tanned and decidedly conservative, but still answering my doorbell.



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