NAMES IN THE NEWS : 'Simpsons' Beauty Tells All

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Marge Simpson's biggest pet peeves are defective shower caps and "oh, yes, . . . the senselessness of war."

Marge, the blue-haired beauty from TV's cartoon sitcom, "The Simpsons," reveals all in an "exclusive and, uh, animated interview" in the September issue of Glamour.

For instance, her favorite way to relax:

"First I lock myself in the laundry room. Then, I put the clothes in the washer, watch them go round and round and round, and get lost in the wonder of it all.

"Forty-five minutes later, my whites are whiter, my colors are brighter and I feel like the Queen of England."

And what makes this two-dimensional TV star feel sexy?

"A roaring fire, a moonlit walk, looking into the eyes of a loved one over an expensive glass of wine," she confided. "If that ever happened to me, that might work."

The Fox Broadcasting Co. show was created by cartoonist Matt Groening.

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