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Iraqnophobia: In the scramble to turn Middle East clashes into fodder for the box office, the co-writer of the movie "Team 6" has been dispatched to Israel from Los Angeles so he can rewrite, updating the script with fresh references to the Persian Gulf crisis. "Team 6," which begins filming for 21st Century Film Corp. on Sept. 24, was first a story about Navy SEALs attacking a missile installation in a generic Middle Eastern country. After Iraq moved into Kuwait, the story was changed: The Navy unit will now invade Iraq to disable chemical-weapon laden missiles aimed at U.S. ships. "History is writing the script for us," said Menahem Golan, the chairman of 21st Century, who hoped the film would be in theaters by early 1991. "I only hope I'm first." He said the cast includes Rob Lowe.

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