Disney's Plans for Long Beach

In response to Robert Jones' column "Disney Takes Theming to a New Extreme," Aug. 7:

Take it back, Mr. Jones. Those of us who work and/or live in downtown Long Beach do not feel as if we're anywhere near a sunny, but decimated Detroit.

We like it here.

We like driving down Ocean Boulevard and seeing the minarets of our historic Villa Riviera juxtaposed against the already-ahead of schedule, 20-story Harbor Place Tower project.

We like watching our hard-hatted minions putting the final touches on the gleaming, marble skin of Landmark Square, our high-rise office tower due to open in January.

We like to go to Pine Avenue to eat at some indisputably fine restaurants, to see and be seen, to gossip about our movers and shakers and to watch as the preliminary work on our 16-screen AMC theater, retail and apartment complex begins.

We grouse about development, the torn-up streets, the noise, the traffic tie-ups, but all of that pales when we see the tangible magnificence of a completed project. Our skyscrapers are not isolated.

As for Disney, well, theme parks are like trains. If we miss this one, another will be by in just a minute. We're not worried.

But maybe we should have you talk with Bob Dylan, because he summed it up best. "There's something going on here, but you don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?"


Long Beach

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