Disney's Plans for Long Beach

How ironic that Disney's possible plans to build a theme park in Long Beach do not include a home for the Spruce Goose (Part B, Aug. 1).

It seems to me that the Goose is an engineering wonder that represents the great things the human mind is capable of: creativity, persistance and the exploration of new frontiers, not by just one man but by every pair of hands that took part in its creation.

For all the messages it touts in its films, i.e., the value of integrity, the overcoming of great obstacles (a frequent Disney theme), the willingness to explore the unknown, it appears that what counts to Disney is the bottom line.

Is the Spruce Goose being omitted from Disney's plans because of the law diminishing returns? The Spruce Goose takes up a great deal of space, square footage that could be used to build rows of booths that sell cotton candy and stuffed animals.

The Spruce Goose is a remarkable spark for the imagination and provides such a great sense of history. And it feeds the mind. Has all this been lost on Disney?

Maybe the creators of fantasy empires need to step out of the design room for a while and get a little perspective.


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