WORLD : Kenyan Quits After Bishop Dies

<i> From Times Wire Services </i>

A Kenyan Cabinet minister resigned today, six days after an Anglican bishop he had verbally threatened with death was killed, apparently in an automobile accident.

Peter Okondo, labor minister in the one-party government of President Daniel Arap Moi, said in a short press statement that he had tendered his resignation but gave no reasons.

Okondo had warned Bishop Alexander Muge 10 days earlier to stay away from the western Kenyan town of Busia or face his wrath.

Muge, 44, had called for probes of corruption in the government.


Okondo said Muge would “see fire and may not leave alive” if he defied his warning to stay away from Busia.

Muge, taking up the challenge, said he was ready to die and drove last Tuesday to Busia. Locals welcomed him with open arms, but on his way home his car hit a milk truck and he was killed.