‘Exorcist III’ a Hit With Moviegoers

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“The Exorcist III,” which distributor 20th Century Fox kept from the hands of critics by not scheduling any screenings before Friday’s opening, topped the weekend box-office derby. The third installment of the supernatural thriller series summoned up a healthy $9.3 million at 1,288 screens over the Friday-Saturday-Sunday period. But limiting advance screenings didn’t seem to help Warner Bros.’ “My Blue Heaven.” The film came in a disappointing fourth with $6.2 million on 1,859 screens. The sequel to “Chinatown,” Jack Nicholson’s “The Two Jakes,” dropped off the Top 10 list in only its second week. It took in only about $1.8 million.

* David Lynch’s “Wild at Heart” came in at 10th place with an estimated $2.9 million in a much smaller release at 523 screens.


Movie Weekend Screens/ Weeks in Total (Studio) Gross Average Release Gross 1. “Exorcist III” $9.3 1,288 1 $9.3 (20th Century Fox) Million $7,230 Million 2. “Ghost” $8.3 1,766 6 $99.1 (Paramount) Million $4,736 Million 3. “Flatliners” $7 1,424 2 $23 (Columbia) Million $4,956 Million 4. “My Blue Heaven” $6.2 1,859 1 $6.2 (Warner Bros.) Million $3,339 Million 5. “Presumed Innocent” $6.1 1,423 4 $51.8 (Warner Bros.) Million $4,288 Million * “Wild at Heart” $2.9 532 1 $2.9 (Goldwyn) Million $5,477 Million


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