CAMARILLO : Council to Consider Film Permit Changes

The Camarillo City Council will consider new guidelines today for motion picture filming and farmers markets.

The changes to the city's zoning ordinance for film permits have been requested to conform to state law, according to a California Film Commission official. "The law attempts to standardize filming permits in California and cut through bureaucratic red tape," Michael Walbrecht said.

Cities are asked to adopt a process for granting film permits or tell the California Film Commission why they do not want such a permit process. Only a few requests a year are received by Camarillo for filming permits.

"What the state is mandating, we've been doing all along," said Tony Boden, director of planning and community development.

In addition, the council will consider permits for farmers markets.

Only growers who have been certified by the county's agricultural commissioner will be allowed to participate in the market.

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