Sierra Madre : New Budget Adopted


The City Council on Tuesday adopted a 1990-91 municipal budget calling for $5.5 million in spending and $6.1 million in revenues.

About 64% of the total spending, roughly $3.6 million, is slated for four principal areas: the sewer fund, recreation programs, library services and the general fund, which finances city operations, City Manager James McRea said.

Within the general fund, the single largest outlay is for salaries for city employees. Direct salaries amount to $1.8 million, and retirement and benefit plans account for $634,988.


The new budget also provides for salary increases for the city’s seven elected officials--City Council members plus the city clerk and treasurer--whose pay will increase from $200 a month to $250.

Of the various departments, the Police Department, with $1.1 million, has been allotted the biggest operating budget.