OXNARD : ‘Highlander 2’ Battle Is Filmed on Beach


A 125-member crew gathered at Mandalay Beach in Oxnard this week to film 30 space-age warriors in battle during production of “Highlander 2,” a futuristic science-fiction movie.

The production, which drew about a dozen onlookers, needed a desert environment, and the company picked the Oxnard beach because it is more secluded and less expensive than Los Angeles beaches, Kim Salter of DSK Production, the film’s production company, said.

The city of Santa Monica charges production companies $400 a day, plus crowd control costs, to film on its beaches.


The city of Oxnard usually gets about 10 movie companies requesting use of city property each year and charges $325 for one day, Margie Bradley, Oxnard’s economic coordinator, said.

The last big production filmed in Oxnard was in December when “Back to the Future 2” starring Michael J. Fox filmed a car chase.

The “Highlander 1” sequel, to be released in February, 1991, will star Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert, Michael Ironside and Virginia Madsen.