California Airlift Unit Called Up

The 301st Military Airlift Squad ron at Travis Air Force Base, between Sacramento and Oakland, is among five new reserve units called to active duty to bolster transport and public affairs activities in Operation Desert Shield, the Pentagon said Thursday.

The call-up of the 301st affects 249 reservists involved in support of C-5A and C-5B transports. Two other airlift squadrons--the 68th from Kelly AFB in Texas and the 326th from Dover AFB in Delaware--also were ordered to active duty.

In addition, the Secretary of the Army activated the 382nd Public Affairs detachment of the National Guard from Raleigh, N.C., and the 314th Public Affairs Detachment of the Army Reserve from Birmingham, Ala.

In announcing the activation of reserve units, the Pentagon had said that about 46,700 reservists can expect calls to active duty by Oct. 1 and most of them will be posted in or near Saudi Arabia.


THE RESERVE CALL-UP The military services were authorized to mobilize the following number of reservists by the dates specified. The actual number called up may be smaller.

Aug. 31 Oct. 1 Army 4,912 19,822 Navy 3,213 3,030 Air Force 1,002 13,474 Coast Guard 700 550

The Marines requested and received authorization for 3,000 reservists, but none are expected to be called up.