Trial Lawyers' Stand on Oil Clean-up Measure

I was very disappointed at the flagrant inaccuracies contained in your oil spill clean-up story (Part A, Aug. 24). Clearly, the oil industry's misinformation campaign concerning the liability of clean-up contractors is having an effect.

Under the terms of SB 2040, immunity is appropriately granted to volunteers in oil-spill clean-up efforts. This "Good Samaritan" clause is supported by environmental groups as well as the California Trial Lawyers Assn.

It is the insistence by the oil industry that its own workers be granted this same immunity that has met with objections. Granting "Big Oil's" paid professional workers total immunity would only serve to protect the industry from any accountability for its wrongdoing and offer no incentive for a speedy and profession clean-up. That this clause is meeting with objection in Sacramento is a step in the right direction.


Pacific Wildlife Project

Laguna Niguel

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