Ban Iraq From the Asian Games, Council Urges

The Olympic Council of Asia's executive committee unanimously recommended Sunday that Iraq be banned from this month's Asian Games and be expelled from the council because of its invasion of Kuwait.

Secretary-General Chamanlal Mehta said in Beijing that the recommendation was the result of a ballot of the 11 nations on the committee and would be voted upon by all 38 council members Sept. 20, two days before the Games are to begin.

Approval by a simple majority would bar Iraq from the Games.

Mehta said the committee recommended Iraq "be suspended from participating in the 11th Asian Games and membership of the OCA." The membership ban should remain in force until the Olympic movement in Kuwait could operate normally, he added.

Iraq and Kuwait registered their entries for the Asian Games before the Aug. 2 invasion. Iraq insists that occupied Kuwait has since ceased to exist as a sovereign state.

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