SHORT TAKES : Debra Winger Is Not for Politics


Debra Winger says she loves U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.) but hates political life.

"If I wanted an aquarium, I would've bought one and lived in it," Vanity Fair quoted the actress as saying in its October issue. "That's why I don't have any problem seeing other men."

Kerrey was governor of Nebraska when he met Winger in 1983 during filming of "Terms of Endearment" in his state.

Their relationship ended in 1985, and Winger married actor Timothy Hutton in 1986. Hutton and Winger had a son before they separated in 1989.

Now, Winger and Kerrey are seeing each other again, but "not as often as I want," Kerrey said. "It seems like once every 10 years."

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