Story About Altadena's History Was Enlightening

I want to take this opportunity to thank The Times for publishing Loretta Keller's excellent story concerning our community of Altadena in the San Gabriel Valley View pages of Aug. 22.

This was most impressive not only because of its extensive use of pictures and statistics but the story itself was informational from both a personal and structural standpoint.

I have lived in Altadena 29 years and had no idea some of my neighbors had such distinguished histories. In fact, living but two blocks from Boulder, and where our third child's best friend lived throughout their school years, I was totally oblivious of the interesting facets of the neighborhood and families who have and do live there.

I have served on the Altadena Town Council four years, and I can truthfully say this is the first time I have received calls solely for the purpose of being sure I did not miss an excellent story featuring the good things about our hometown of Altadena. (I get lots of calls about what's going wrong, as you might expect.)

I hope you will continue this type of coverage of Altadena. Our citizens have a great deal of pride in our community and way of life. However, the more we learn about our neighbors, past and present, and the buildings associated with these families, this appreciation of community and neighbor will be further enriched.



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