Schaefer and Her Constituents

A message for Madge Schaefer: "Your spitefulness and pettiness are showing."

You apparently do not understand why you really lost your election. You blame it on "one issue radicals." You are wrong.

The real reason you lost is that you spent the past several years not representing the people of your district, on this and other issues.

You have done a very good job of representing a few rather than the majority. You have represented outside interests rather than those of your own constituents. You took over Oak Park's MAC, giving positions on that board to the most wealthy in the community, breaking with a long tradition of electing members, common human decency and the concept of equal representation. You consistently push for big money land development interests, such as David Murdoch, Bob Hope and Potomac Investment Associates, a Maryland-based firm.

My neighbors and I did not vote against you because of one issue politics. We voted against you because you have refused to represent us as our supervisor.

Yes, I oppose the changes being proposed to the county general plan that would allow big outside interests to destroy my neighborhood. But I did not vote against you because of just that one issue. Had you represented my family and me better on many other issues, I might have voted for you in spite of this one issue, taking it as a fair disagreement. I voted against you because you chose to represent the interests of others. If you want to serve outsiders like Potomac Investment Associates, then please, Ms. Schaefer, move to Maryland and run for election there.

In the final days of your term, just once really represent your constituents rather than outside interests.



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