What Accomplishments?

Acouple of months ago I read a letter to the editor of a local newspaper that Elton Gallegly wrote implying that he is proud of his congressional voting record. But what has he really done for his constituents?

He did not bring home one cent of our tax dollars for federal projects, which could have provided jobs, increased revenues of local business and stimulated local economies. As to the issue of senior citizens, his voting record shows that he was not looking out for their best interests. This was also viewed by the National Council of Senior Citizens, which gave him a 7% rating for his first three years in office. As an example, in 1988 he voted to lower funding for seniors' meals, programs, employment, transportation and senior centers. If he is so interested in tougher laws in the war on drugs, why did he vote against a law to help law enforcement track down billions of dollars of poison profits of drug lords who send money out of the country by international wire transfer? Is it because he gets campaign contributions from big banking interests who are opposed to this bill? I think he needs to take a closer look at his voting record and then answer, what accomplishments, congressman Gallegly?


Westlake Village

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