Wally George Reports Wife, Baby Missing


Colorful talk show host Wally George has reported that his 21-year-old wife and 13-month-old daughter have been missing since Thursday from their Sherman Oaks apartment, along with $7,000 cash and his gun, police said Sunday.

Even though he found a note on his desk from her saying, “I’m visiting a friend, I’ll call you,” George said he believes his wife, Janis, may have been abducted.

Los Angeles Police Officer Jay Treat said investigators suspect the woman left because of marital woes.

Detectives “have other information, which I can’t reveal to you, that leads them to believe this is a family dispute,” Treat said.


Police have issued a national alert--as they customarily do when someone is reported missing--to other law enforcement agencies.

The thrice-married television personality said Sunday he is “very, very concerned” that his wife and their daughter, Holly, have been abducted because someone called him last Monday, threatening to kill the two.

George, 51, whose ultraconservative show “Hot Seat” is taped at KDOC-TV in Anaheim, provokes heated exchanges among guests and his studio audience. He said he initially dismissed the call as from one of many “cranks” he attracts.

He said he last saw his wife, a British citizen he married three years ago, when “I kissed her and the baby goodby Thursday morning.”

George arrived home at 7 p.m. to find them gone, he told police. Also missing were his wife’s 1987 Ford Escort, $3,000 cash, clothes and a .45-caliber revolver. Treat said an additional $4,000 had been withdrawn from the couple’s joint account.