'Bewitched' Star to Play in Globe's 'Love Letters'

Elizabeth Montgomery, best known for playing Samantha in the television show "Bewitched," will be one of the first set of stars in A.R. Gurney's "Love Letters" opening Oct. 22 at the Old Globe Theatre.

In the play the actors read letters on stage that were written over the decades between a man and a woman. This unusual format avoids much memorization and long rehearsals and allows for rotating celebrity casts, which at the Old Globe will change on a weekly basis.

Originally scheduled for an Oct. 16 opening, "Love Letters" will make its San Diego debut Oct. 22, starring Montgomery and stage, film and television actor Robert Foxworth, who made his Old Globe debut in 1987 playing Antony in "Antony and Cleopatra."

Beth Howland, who played the ditsy waitress Vera in the television show "Alice," will appear with Broadway actor Charles Kimbrough Oct. 30-Nov. 4. Old Globe Associate Artist Sada Thompson, a star of the television show "Family," will co-star with film actor Kevin McCarthy Nov. 6-11.

Jack O'Brien, artistic director of the Old Globe, will direct.

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