A Plainer Burger

Marion Cunningham's so-called plain and simple burger (The Home Cook, Aug. 30) evolves, after 11 paragraphs, into a gloppy version of another fast-food specialty sandwich.

Here is my version:

Put one tablespoon of a mixture of melted butter and olive oil into a hot skillet. Place one-half-inch-thick ground beef patty (sirloin is too lean) into skillet just after adding one half clove crushed or chopped garlic.

Cook 60 seconds, turn, cook 40 seconds. Remove burger to sturdy warmed bun. Add small handful of chopped parsley to skillet and cook 20 seconds. Spoon one tablespoon parsley-burger dripping mixture over patty. Serve.

Condiments that more properly belong on a hot dog may be served on the side for barbarians. French fries are not crucial, or even desirable. Mayonnaise should not be permitted in the same room!

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