Using Aborted Tissue in Research

Corbett's column portrays big medicine as a caring industry that, if unchained from the grips of right-wing ideology, would save us from many diseases. She also writes of "miracles" by using fetal tissue to lengthen the lives of Parkinson's disease sufferers. All this would be wonderful stuff if we were a species who lived in harmony with the others that inhabit the planet. But the facts are that humans have dominated, raped and plundered just about everything we have touched or could see.

Any attempts to extend our lives consist of nothing more than humankind's egotistical quest for immortality and big medicine, i.e., big business, capitalizing on that, sensing money to be made. I urge everyone facing the potential of a degenerative fatal disease to make his peace with his God, his loved ones and himself, and leave life in a dignified and as untechnical a way as he came into the world. That in my eyes would truly be a miracle.



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