More Bombings Hit U.S. Firms in Philippines

From Associated Press

Bombs exploded early today at two U.S. pharmaceutical firms, and another device was defused at a local branch of a U.S. bank in the sixth attack on an American firm within 24 hours.

There was no claim of responsibility and no injuries in the pre-dawn blasts, which followed bombings Wednesday at Coca-Cola and Pepsi plants in the Philippines.

Police believe the attacks have been carried out by military extremists seeking to topple President Corazon Aquino by scaring away investors and embarrassing the government abroad.

U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Platt said today that he discussed the Manila attacks with Defense Secretary Fidel V. Ramos, and Platt urged American firms to "hang in there and be careful."

In the first incident today, police defused a small bomb at the Boston Bank of the Philippines in suburban Kalookan.

About half an hour later, two joggers threw a bomb at the headquarters of the Squibb drug firm in suburban Makati.

Minutes later, witnesses said two joggers also threw a device at the headquarters of another American pharmaceutical firm--Wyeth Suaco Laboratories.

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