Who to Call to Arrange Ride-Sharing

Although most transportation management associations are designed to assist employers in setting up a ride-sharing program for their company, any individual interested in ride-sharing can call the organizations listed below for information.

Commuter Computer

Phone: 237-POOL.

Commuter Computer provides information to individuals and employers on alternatives to commuting alone. In addition to offering extensive computerized lists of interested car-poolers, Commuter Computer has information on all express bus lines and park-and-ride locations within San Diego County, and provides free maps and information on biking and transit services.

A cooperative effort of the San Diego Assn. of Governments and the California Department of Transportation, Commuter Computer is funded by the federal highway administration. The organization's motto: "In the interest of contributing to cleaner air, relieving highway congestion and conserving fuel."

North City Transportation Management Assn.

Phone: 457-2763.

In business since February, 1989, this group serves 26 corporate members in the Golden Triangle, Torrey Pines and La Jolla Village Drive corridor, and Sorrento Valley and Miramar.

There are six established van pools and access to Commuter Computer's data. Ann Dash, executive director, says her organization can help individuals find a car-pool match.

North County Transportation Management Assn.

Phone: 722-6282.

Started in October, 1989, under a federal urban mass-transportation grant, this group is designed to address congestion on California 78. About 70 North County companies with more than 50 employees use the group's services, which includes access to Commuter Computer.

Although its main thrust is to assist businesses with implementing ride-sharing programs, the association will help individuals find a car-pool match. As executive director Fred Mrak says, "We say no to no one."

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