FLICKS FILM AND VIDEO NOTES : On the Shelves : An Oxnard store specializes in Mexican movies, and the Thousand Oaks Library offers some classics.

Summer is over, work is piling up, the kids have homework and nobody has any time or energy to go to a theater? Check out the local video outlets. Here's a look at what's new on the shelves of Fifth Street Video in Oxnard, a store specializing in Mexican movies and movies dubbed into Spanish:

"We've got a lot of remakes," owner Bernardo Castellanos said. "One we got in a couple of weeks ago is 'El Profe' or 'The Teacher.' " It is a remake of a late 1960s film.

"It's about a professor who goes to a small town where the mayor is the worst of people. He is a killer," Castellanos said. "Nobody can move without him knowing it. He wants to kill all the teachers or run them out because he doesn't want anybody to teach anybody else how to read or to protect themselves legally."

The title character, the hero, has his life threatened too, but he isn't scared off. He vows to fight back and he keeps his word.

As for the dubbed tapes, Castellanos has had "Born on the Fourth of July" in his store for awhile but has had a difficult time getting people to rent it. "Hard to Kill" and "Bloodsport" have been very popular.

The Thousand Oaks Library's vast video collection could be getting more expansive once some new space is made available. For now, librarian Mike Gilman said, a number of classics are waiting in the wings. Gilman hopes that they will be available within a month.

The list includes a re-release of "The King and I" (1956), replacing the library's previous copy, which had been damaged; "Soldier of Fortune" (1955, starring Clark Gable); "Patch of Blue" (1965, Sidney Poitier); "Boom Town" (1940, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert); and "Teahouse of the August Moon" (1956, Marlon Brando).

Gillman said the library has also acquired a list of foreign-language films with English subtitles.

"The Red and White," a 1989 Hungarian/German film set in 1920s Berlin, stars Klaus Maria Brandauer as a celebrity who is forced to choose between going along with Nazism or fighting it. The film is based on a true story.

"Accattone" (Scrounger) is a 1961 Pier Paolo Pasolini film about the slums of Rome. It counters the pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers of the community with a Bach soundtrack.

"A Taxing Woman's Return" is the 1989 sequel to "A Taxing Woman." It's the story of a female tax inspector who investigates a corrupt fundamentalist religious order.

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