LOS ALAMITOS : Jempsa Elected as First Woman Mayor

Alice Jempsa was elected mayor by her fellow council members this week, becoming the first woman mayor in city history.

Jempsa, a school administrator in Cerritos, is a 24-year resident of Los Alamitos. She was elected to the council 3 1/2 years ago.

She said the increasing costs of running the city will be her chief concern as mayor. Because of a loss in sales taxes, the city cut its expenses by 2% for fiscal year 1990-91, after using about $600,000 from its reserve fund.

"I feel the city is moving in the right direction, by cutting expenses and looking at new and different ways to raise money," Jempsa said. "We've got to work with the business community, to keep businesses here and attract new ones."

She becomes the first woman mayor in the city's 30-year history.

Also this week, Anthony R. Selvaggi and outgoing mayor Robert P. Wahlstrom were sworn in for new four-year terms as council members. Each ran unopposed in last week's election.

Wahlstrom had served as mayor for 18 months.

Ronald Bates, a 13-year resident of the city, was elected mayor pro tem by council members. He also serves as president of the League of California Cities, Orange County Division.

Each council member, including the mayor, receives $300 a month.

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