Plagiarism in College Papers of M.L. King

Your editorial ("Footnote to a Life," Nov. 13) condoning Martin Luther King Jr.'s plagiarized doctoral dissertation is an outrage. You say this dishonesty should be viewed "more with sorrow than with anger." You are wrong!

The moral relativism of your position is both demeaning to blacks and insulting to all people. The Times has extensively reported a recent study detailing the breakdown of ethics in our society, but why do you suppose this is happening? Obviously, because powerful molders of opinion like The Times have abdicated their responsibility to consistently uphold society's shared values of honesty and truth. Dishonesty in all its forms and from whatever source must be unequivocally condemned.

Whether it be white hero John Kennedy's alleged womanizing in the White House or black hero King taking credit for other people's academic work, The Times has the moral responsibility to strongly denounce this behavior.

Whatever happened to the useful and humane concept of "hate the sin, but love the sinner?"


Los Angeles

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