'King of the Right' Headed the Wrong Way

Whereas I am in favor of all people volunteering their time to show appreciation for our societal privileges, I don't think it should be government mandated at the expense of drivers' licenses and student loans. I believe this because the people in power for the most part are greedy and self-absorbed, unwilling to volunteer their own time, so why should we?

Also, today's society dictates that young people work harder to accommodate the same middle-class lifestyle that our parents had, thus allowing less time to volunteer.

While I do my part (I'm a teacher, attend school and still volunteer many hours), I will not condemn my peers for their selfishness.

Besides, rallying behind the imparted wisdom of someone who grew up wealthy--never having struggled, nor understood nor appreciated the opinions or tastes of the middle class--is another crusade we can do without.


Granada Hills

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