SDSU Has Its Hands, Not Its Stands, Full

In response to Fred Miller’s bewilderment about SDSU not drawing large crowds at home football games, there are three main reasons for this situation.

One, State is basically a commuter school. A large number of the students are from Orange County and L.A. After they attend their last class on Thursday or Friday, they pack their cars and head home, unless there is a good party planned.

Secondly, another large segment of the student body is made up of more mature students, especially ex-military, who are primarily concerned with getting their education and are not really into the “school spirit” thing.

Lastly, many of the people who live in San Diego have come here from someplace else. Their allegiance is still with their home-state team, be it Illinois, Penn State, etc.


When you add to these factors the lack of local talent on the team, as well as the rowdy behavior of the “frat” boys in the parking lot, and add the parade of weak teams on the State schedule, it is not a mystery as to why they are not filling the stadium.


San Diego