SPECIAL REPORT: Seeking a New World

For much of the past year, two Los Angeles Times correspondents have traveled the world in search of explanations for the sweeping changes that are transforming international politics and economics after the Cold War.

From Washington to Moscow, Tokyo and Berlin--and from the barrios of Lima to the shantytowns of South Africa as well--reporters Robin Wright and Doyle McManus interviewed presidents and guerrillas, tycoons and laborers, pundits and poets in 21 countries.

They were aided by Times correspondents around the world, including Michael Parks and John-Thor Dahlburg in Moscow, Sam Jameson and Karl Schoenberger in Tokyo, Tyler Marshall in Berlin, Mark Fineman in New Delhi and Bob Drogin in Katmandu.

Also assisting were Times researchers Maura Reynolds, Aleta Embrey, Pat Welch, Caleb Gessesse and Fabienne Furminieux.


This special two-part edition of World Report will conclude on Dec. 18.