P.M. BRIEFING : Peru Rebels Attack Mobil Camp

Times Wire Services

Mobil Oil Corp. has temporarily suspended its search for oil in Peru’s jungle after an attack by leftist rebels destroyed a jungle surveying camp it had operated.

The attack this week was the most serious against Peru’s oil industry in 10 years of political violence, as well as the largest ever against a foreign company in Peru.

Peru’s energy minister, Fernando Sanchez Albavera, said Wednesday that New York-based Mobil would resume its survey operations in six to eight months with Peru’s army providing protection for the surveyors. But a Mobil spokesman refused to say when exploration would be resumed.

Pro-Cuban rebels on Monday took over Mobil’s survey camp in the Upper Huallaga valley, 270 miles northeast of Lima.


The rebels, from the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Group, blew up vehicles, equipment and buildings and stole a helicopter. No one was hurt in the camp, operated by a Mobil subcontractor, the Halliburton Geophysical Service.