Peanuts for Particular People

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Thomas Jefferson grew them, P. T. Barnum hawked them and George Washington Carver invented hundreds of ways to use them. Today the United States is the world’s leading producer of peanuts.

What do these goobers have going for them?

To begin with, they’re good for you: Peanuts roasted in their skins are more than one-fourth protein, a good source of B vitamins and contain as much iron as an equal amount of spinach.


More important, they taste good. The best we’ve tried come from The Peanut Shop, a pint-sized place in Williamsburg, Va., that’s been doing business the same careful way for more than 20 years. Their jumbo, meaty nuts are cooked daily in peanut oil without additives or preservatives, and shipped directly to you in a classy can.

These aren’t your everyday peanuts--these are peanuts for particular people. They’re not too salty and they’re not too greasy. It’s as if the peanuts from your past went out and got a degree.

A 2 1/2-pound tin (salted or unsalted) costs $12.95.