Listing the Grating Things That We Most Hate to Hear

Sometimes, remarks are made that we just don’t need to hear, either because they hurt us or we’ve heard them too often. Then there are those sounds--the ones that are either aggravating or frightening.

Hot Topics wonders, “What do you just hate to hear?”

“I hate to hear my parents tell me that they know what I’m going through, because they were young once too . . . and they really don’t.

Cindy Gonzalez, 16, junior, Los Amigos


“ ‘I just want to be friends with you.’ ”

Christine Mar, 17, senior, University

“Nails on the chalkboard, static on the phone, my watch ticking and the sound of firetrucks.”

Chrissy Barlet, 17, senior, Brea-Olinda

“ ‘I told you so.’ ”

Kattyna White, 16, junior, El Modena

“ ‘We must go to war in order to maintain peace.’ It is absurd to fight for peace, just as it is killing for life.”

Jake Landmeser, 16, junior, Villa Park


“I don’t like hearing the truth about myself.”

Matt Ho, 16, sophomore, Huntington Beach

“My alarm clock.”

Kishani Seneviratne, 17, senior, Rosary


“I hate to hear people say, ‘I’m so fat,’ when they’re really not.”

Monica Girard, 14, freshman, St. Margaret’s

“Sometimes when you see pretty girls that have everything--looks, guys, a body. I hate it when they say they hate the way they look.”

Rachel Rivera, 17, junior, Los Amigos


“ ‘You are older than he is, so you should know better.’ ”

Jenny Bach, 17, senior, El Modena

“Rich people complaining about not having enough.”

Suerie Moon, 16, junior, University


“I hate to hear excuses.”

Thoy Yann, 17, senior, Savanna

“ ‘It’ll look good on a college application.’ ”

Kara Dietz, 15, sophomore, Brea-Olinda


“ ‘Sorry, there is nothing more we can do.’ ”

Kathy Bright, 17, senior, Huntington Beach

“When girls talk about their boyfriends when they do something and then say, ‘Isn’t that cute?’ ”

Monica Kastenholz, 17, senior, Rosary


“I hate to hear people tell me I’m too young or too small.”

Chris Park, 14, freshman, Villa Park

“ ‘There’s no life after death.’ ”

James Oung, 15, sophomore, St. Margaret’s


“ ‘I want to break up,’ or ‘let’s be friends.’ ”

Candace Howe, 14, freshman, Los Amigos

“Uneducated views on politics.”

Joseph Hei, 16, sophomore, University


“ ‘You’re gullible.’ ”

Brandilyn Fenn, 15, sophomore, Brea-Olinda

“I hate hearing that I’m anything less than perfect.”

Julie Jacle, 17, senior, Huntington Beach


“Commercials on the radio.”

Theresa Diguymas, 15, freshman, Rosary

“I hate listening to music with lyrics that have a negative connotation to them.”

John Lim, 18, senior, Villa Park


“ ‘You are so immature.’ ”

Ryan Lieberman, 16, junior, El Modena

“I hate it when people say that they’ll pay you back but never do, because I’m too nice to say, ‘Pay me back!’ ”

Alex Uhm, 17, junior, University


“ ‘It’s for your own good.’ ”

Kyle Kilpatrick, 18, senior, Brea-Olinda

“That there is a test tomorrow.”

Susan Palazzosa, 14, freshman, Rosary


“ ‘I’m sorry I can’t go’ and ‘I forgot to tell you.’ ”

Aaron Hatch, 17, senior, St. Margaret’s

“I hate to hear the cry of a mother when her child’s been shot. I hate to hear the cry of a child that was caught in the cross-fire of gangs.”

Gina Ramirez, 15, sophomore, Los Amigos


“ ‘Go clean your room.’ ”

Robert Baytosh, 17, senior, El Modena

“I hate to hear: ‘You can’t do this.’ ”

Dao Tran, 16, junior, Savanna


“That stupid bell that sounds when a big truck backs up.”

Brett Murdock, 17, senior, Brea-Olinda

“That I’m wrong.”

Jannie Camacho, 14, freshman, Rosary


“I truly hate to hear someone meekly trying to add to a conversation and an overblown windbag refuses to let him have his two cents.”

Jay Welland, 16, junior, Villa Park

“ ‘Can we still be friends?’ ”

Jeremy Briggs, 14, freshman, St. Margaret’s


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Responses gathered by Jooyoung Lee (Brea-Olinda), Lauren Walden (El Modena), Michael Spivak (Huntington Beach), Shelly Insheiwhe (Los Amigos), Asra Hashmy (Rosary), Nghi Pham (Savanna), Claudine Ko (University) and Heather Lee (Villa Park).