Reservist’s Fight Could Have Been Avoided

I was interested in your Nov. 20 editorial “Give Her the Benefit of a Doubt,” which concerned Debra M. Simpson’s efforts to return to her job after serving on active duty in the National Guard.

While I am aware that Simpson and her employer have reached an agreement regarding this situation, I am concerned that it escalated to a point that required the initiation of a wrongful-termination lawsuit.

With the vast number of reservists who are being activated now, I feel the issue may again surface as they attempt to return to their jobs. And as such, the following information may be helpful to those concerned.

Title 38 United States Code, Part III, Chapter 43, Sections 2021 to 2026 cover re-employment rights. Section 2024 specifically covers re-employment rights for reservists.


Perhaps it would be beneficial for both reservists and their employers to locate a copy of Title 38 USC and review the appropriate sections to prevent further misunderstandings.

I suggest that if anyone has general questions concerning veteran or reservist re-employment rights, he or she can contact the Orange County Veterans Service Office at 1300 S. Grand Ave., Unit B, Santa Ana (714) 567-7450.

Specific problems should be directed to area agent Russell A. Ennis of the Department of Labor, at (805) 485-6687. His office is at 500 Esplanade Drive, Suite 1550, Oxnard, Calif.

GARELD PELL, Orange County Veterans Service Office