Ready to Use Force, British Leader Says

<i> From a Times Staff Writer</i>

Prime Minister John Major told the British Parliament on Tuesday that “time is running out” for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and that Iraq’s opponents are prepared to use force after the Jan. 15 deadline for a pullout from Kuwait.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Charles will visit British armed forces in the Persian Gulf this weekend.

Major is also expected to fly to the gulf after Christmas to visit British forces, by far the largest European contingent in the region.

Reporting to the House of Commons on the European Community foreign ministers’ meeting just concluded in Brussels, Major spoke of his intended trip to the Middle East and added:


“Insofar as a solution to the gulf crisis is concerned, I must say that that rests squarely with Saddam Hussein. Time is running out for him.”

He also declared: “The international community made it quite clear that force will be used if Iraq has not withdrawn totally and utterly by Jan. 15.

“I hope Saddam Hussein will take that very seriously indeed.”