War Is a Horrible Prospect, Not a Wonderful ‘Sporting Event’ or a Marketing Opportunity

In the article, “Companies See Gulf Crisis as Marketing Opportunity” (Dec. 5), the headline alone is cynical enough, but David Stewart, USC marketing professor says: “War itself is not attractive, but there are aspects that are; there are heroes, there is goodness and nobility. It’s like a super-sporting event.”

When will we ever learn? War is none of those.

It is undisclosed atrocities against the enemy as well as women and children. It is horrible pain and suffering, often completely unnecessary.

And when one of “our boys” is lying in the tangled remains of his tank, his intestines pouring into the sand, choking on his own vomit, I don’t believe he’ll be thinking of the “marketing opportunity” he has brought to the latest shopping maul designed by our consumer psychologists--more death for greed.



Santa Monica