Consequences of Term Limits

Mark Blitz’ column about term limits and Dan Rostenkowski’s article on the same subject (Commentary, Dec. 14) are right on as to the negative consequences of legalizing term limits.

I voted for term limits and will continue to vote for them because the articles tell me what “should” happen and I know what “should” happen to make the debate on term limits unnecessary. But what “should” be done is no closer to being done than it was 10 years ago.

Rostenkowski’s last paragraph says it all: “When we have problems in Washington it is because we lack the political will to get the job done. What we need is an environment that nurtures and demands that will.”

If the threat of term limits is not enough to clean up the political act, the fact of term limits will give politicians the hindsight to say: “This is what we should have done.”



Arroyo Grande