Default: Former tennis champ Bjorn Borg is...

Compiled by YEMI TOURE

Default: Former tennis champ Bjorn Borg is conceding defeat in the custody battle for his 5-year-old son Robin. The cross-court smashes between Borg and Robin’s mother, Jannike Bjorling, 23, have been furious since they split up in 1988. The boy lives in Stockholm with Bjorling. Visitation rights for Borg have not been finalized.

Benched: Radical lawyer William Kunstler called Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Thomas Galligan “a disgrace to the bench” last week. Then it was Galligan’s turn. He ordered Kunstler to either pay a $250 fine or spend 30 days in jail. “I’m not going to pay him a nickel,” Kunstler retorted. “I’ll do 30 days.” The brouhaha began when Galligan slapped down Kunstler’s request to lift the conviction of Yusef Salaam, 16, in the Central Park jogger case.

Three-Year Wait: Sports mogul Jack Kent Cooke met his 3-year-old daughter for the first time in a Los Angeles law office three weeks ago, reports Rudy Maxa of Washingtonian magazine. On first setting eyes on the little girl who was born after he reportedly locked his ex-wife, Suzanne Martin Cooke, out of their house, Cooke exclaimed: “Oh, you’re a beautiful little girl. Hi, Jacqueline.” The Washington Redskins owner, seeing that the child looked so much like him, added: “Yes, I’m your daddy, there’s no question about that.”

What Mettle: Has Rowanne Brewer, the model who reportedly replaced Marla Maples as Donald Trump’s steady date, forgotten about her fiance back in Maryland? Brewer has been engaged to Brian Giacubeno of the heavy metal band Child’s Play for 1 1/2 years, and Giacubeno’s father told the Baltimore Sun newspaper the engagement is still on.