Real Bacon

Corralitos Sausage Co.

569 Corralitos Road

Watsonville, Calif. 95076

(408) 722-2633


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If bringing home the bacon isn’t as easy as it used to be, maybe you are bringing home the wrong bacon. These days, most bacon that you buy seems to be all fat. When it’s cooked, it shrivels into almost nothing until you are left with a pan full of grease.

The bacon from the Corralitos Sausage Co. is different. For more than 30 years, this small Central California company has been using Pajaro Valley apple wood to slow-smoke beef and pork. Lean and lightly salted, their bacon is smoked naturally, with no additives and none of that artificial maple flavor you so often find.

Fry up a few slices, and the smoky scent of the apple wood will fill up your kitchen. You’d swear you were sitting in front of a roaring fire in an alpine log cabin. But at $3.29 a pound, the bacon is a lot less expensive than a trip to the mountains. The bacon freezes beautifully, so it’s best to save on postage and order several pounds at once. Shipping charges on five pounds of bacon run $5.60.