Pasadena Set to Recycle Holiday Trees

Yesterday’s Christmas tree is tomorrow’s mulch in Pasadena, where officials are premiering their curbside recycling program for Christmas trees.

Pasadena residents can recycle their trees by placing them on the curb during regular trash collection days, Jan. 7 to 11.

Those taking down trees earlier can drop them off for recycling from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday to Jan. 4, Brookside Park at the north end of Parking Lot I.

The trees must be cut in half if they are taller than 6 feet. All tinsel and ornaments as well as all metal, plastic and wooden stands or bowls must be removed.


The trees will be ground up and the mulch will be used on City Hall grounds and in city-owned parks. Extra mulch may be sold or given away, city officials said.