On pages B2 and B3 today, The Times takes an interpretive look at those events that have shaped the news in Ventura County during the first year of the decade.

This is more than an exercise in reminding ourselves where we have been. I hope it will also give us clues about where we are going. News, after all, is a continuum and not a series of isolated events that can be neatly compartmentalized from year to year.

Certainly, the drought that parched Ventura County in 1990 will affect us in 1991--even if the rains fall with force at the dawning of the New Year. And the effects of decisions we made in the voting booth during the recent election season will follow us for years to come.

The editors, reporters, photographers and support staff of The Times’ Ventura County edition will be here to chronicle the events of 1991. Our firm resolution is to continue bringing Times readers the county’s best news package.


I hope your personal New Year is filled with good news.

Julia C. Wilson, Times Ventura County Editor